Lady's Night in Winterhaven

Kobold Lairs and Strange Artifacts

Delphina Moongem was tired of the kobolds interfering with her florist business, and she protested to Lord Padraig. All the towns people were fed up with the attacks as well, so the town’s lord hired the heroes to go to the Kobold lair and clear out the riff raff.

They defeated the kobolds led by the goblin, Irontooth. One Kobold, Splug, surrendered. He told them how he just wanted honest work, and was forced to work for a man named Kalarel and his cultists. They brought him back home where he got a job picking flowers for Ms. Moongem.

Valthrun the Prescient had been researching the pendent, and told Jyu that his colleague, Douven Stahl would know all about it. He had gone to excavate at the old dragon burial ground a few days ago and could be found there.

They did find him there, captured by a gnome named Agrim. Agrim had deceived them at first, making them think he was Douven. Soon, however, they discovered his deception, slaying his henchmen. Agrim was sneaky and difficult to find once he hid himself, but Asha finally cornered him as Kace snuck up on him as well. As he fell he cried “Kalarel I have failed you!”

Douven was rescued in the battle, and told Junelle that he would be able to tell her exactly what that pendant was for. He would tell her what it was when he was able to consult his books back in Winterhaven.



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